Since 1981 CHIMICOLOR has begun a qualified study of alternative product of CMC which are more specific in order to avoid the difficulties that emerge in their usage.  For many years it has been evaluated the necessity to create alternative product of CMC which are widely used in the Bathroom Sanitary-ware industry. The follow-up of this research has created a line of products called: 

  • VISCOSIL : is a special combination studied to develop thickeners and stabilizers of viscosity for sanitary
  • MOULDING : relase Agents for the production of moulds (Clik here for see the video)
  • DEFLON : are exceptional organic dispersants strongly recommended as deflocculants

Unfortunately CMC had the defect of not being always the same in their main characteristic (viscosity and solubility); besides they are easily attacked by microrganisms that make them degrade quickly.

  • DEFLON NHeavy duty deflocculant for bodies and glaxes
  • DEFLON ADeflocculant for tecnical andsanitary ware bodies
  • DEFLON TDeflocculant for bodies and glaxes
  • DEFLON C 20 Deflocculant for moulding
  • EMULFORM – Detaching emulsion for moulds
  • FORMEX – Detaching emulsion for moulds
  • DELAC T – Emulsion of decals application on raw glazes
  • DIACROM – Glazes temporary colouration