CHIMICOLOR INDUSTRIA CHIMICA SRL has been operating from 1981 in the specialty chemicals for Ceramic tiles, Technical ceramics, Refractories and Glass Decoration materials achieving a wide experience in the study and in the production of chemicals auxiliaries.

In the years of the activity has diversified by introducing new product in these fields: BUILDING INDUSTRY, PAINT & VARNISH AND AGRICOLTURE WITH MICRO-NOURISHMENT.

The constant research of advanced solutions of our R&D Service enables our Company to work with our customers in order to develop new formulations and achieve optimal performance in production.

As direct producers of raw materials and Chemical Auxiliaries, we can offer an extensive range of first­class quality specialties that are developed and optimised according to the requirements of our customers.

The important relationship and cooperation with our customers has brought forth technical solutions that are original and exclusive.  

Our technical specialists will answer your detailed questions in order to satisfy your demands.