Composition of the vitrifiable colours

A vitrifiable colours  for glass decoration consists of one or more frits, of one or more inorganic pigments and of a vehicle necessary for its application. This affects the drafting, the quality and the compactness of the applied colour layer. The purpose of these vehicles is to:

  • Keep  all the frits and pigments in suspension
  • Give  to the product rheological properties suitable for processing and application
  • Provide sufficient adhesion to the surface on which it is applied
  • Form  compact and stable layers, without dripping
  • Contribute , after drying , to the formation of a biscuit with sufficient resistance to manual handling.
  • Leave resinous residues in the biscuit that can burn completely during the preheating phase, before the colours  is vitrified.

Three types of vehicles are available:

  • waterborne  vehicles
  • Pine Oil based vehicles
  • Based on  low melting point special waxes

All these products have been developed over many  years of practical experience and made following rigorous production methods that guarantee and impart the right characteristics of wettability of the powders and viscosity of the vehicle-color compound to the product.

We recommended the following products:

  • MEDIUM 70/72 New – (Pine oil base) Silk screen printing
  • MEDIUM 70/80 – (Pine oil base) Silk screen printing
  • MEDIUM 70/139 – (Pine oil base) Silk screen printing-high performance
  • MEDIUM 70/109 – (Pine oil base) Special Thinner – higt viscosity
  • HYDROL  77/88  – (Waterborne)  Silk screen printing 
  • HIDROL 77/131 – (Waterborne) Spray guns on bottles and perfume and cosmetic bottles. 
  • THERPINOL 95    Special Thinner – Low viscosity
  • WAXOL 54/28  – (Waxy base) Silk screen printing
  • WAXOL 54/51  – (Waxy base) Silk screen printing
  • PLASTISOL 49/9 – (Polyester base) Silk screen printing
  • HYDROCOL 53/20 – Water base
  • AGL 19 – Conductive silver compound
  • IRICOLOR 8093 – Iridescent colour
  • IRICOLOR 8089 – Iridescent color
  • IRICOLOR 8090  – Iridescent color
  • IRICOLOR 8091 – Amber  colour
  • IRICOLOR 8095 – Grey  colour
  • THINNER  8094 – Non Flammable Liquid
  • THINNER 8092  –  Only for Cleaning (Flammable Liquid)